Putting the pieces together.

Need a feature for your project? There's probably a library for it.

GitReview is a definitive portal comparing software libraries and providing links to useful tutorials, documentation and bug reports from all over the web. So far there are over 300,000 libraries referenced from NPM, Ruby Gems, Composer and Pypi with more to be added in future.

You can add your own packages and libraries, add links and comments and upvote whatever you deem useful. As a free community based resource, the more everbody is involved, the more everybody wins!

Package Links - find related tutorials, documentation, known issues and code snippets in one place. Anybody can add them!

Users and Contributors - know how many people use and contribute to the library you'll be using. Sometimes a library is popular for a reason!

Feedback from developers who have used the library. This makes for better code and helps the best libraries stand out.

The Latest & Greatest

Of the 4 package indexes (Pypi, Composer, RubyGems & NPM) that have been scraped so far, over 330,000 packages are currently present on this site. These are the top packages from each of those indexes, as voted by users.


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